Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Seattle

Good Morning,

It's a Monday. My brother flew into San Francisco on Thursday to visit for a few days and I have had a lot of fun with him here. So, big ups to Daniel Rinker.

As for news, we barely made it to work this morning. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) union decided to go under strike over the weekend. Fortunately, with further negotiations the urban train remained running. Without the BART it would literally be impossible to get anywhere in this city. So after a day of worrying I was relieved to hear the good news.

Anyway, onto other shtuff. 

To relieve this transit stress, my topic of the day is Owl City. An uplifting, amazingly melodic, electronic, soft-spoken sound that is almost guaranteed to better your day.  This is the type of music to lift you from any stress, anger, and sadness you may feel, and gently rest you on top of a sea of sunny clouds.  Listening to him is like drinking your first sip of cool water after walking through a desert all day without water.  A true refreshment.    

I have been listening to him for months now. Since January '09.  So, no I am not following any "Hello Seattle" trend.  In fact, I found him by accident.  I was looking for artists to sample on a Seattle song I was making and happened to find "Hello Seattle."  I listened to the 30 second sample and my jaw nearly dropped.  I loved his sound from the start.  An instant fan.  This was just as Of June and Maybe I'm Dreaming were being released.  I contacted him to let him know how perfect his sound was and that I was awaiting his next release with anticipation.  What also won me over about Owl City was that he was nice enough to respond.  Basically Owl City's the man. 

After his well-deserved signing to Universal Republic, Owl City released his break-out album, Ocean Eyes in July '09.  I would have to say that this record blew me away just as much as the first time I heard "Hello Seattle."  Songs like "Fireflies" and the "Hello Seattle (remix)" are instant classics to me.  Try and not sing along.  It's a test.  His melodies, I think, are what catch me every time.  I have yet to hear a flaw in his music.  I can literally listen to every song I have by him on iTunes and enjoy every minute of it.  

Try him out.  See what you think.  He's no longer my secret.    


Good Day,

Reknir & the Due Opp.

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  1. Hey, I forgot to tell you that I love your blog - I've been following it. Good find - just listened to Owl City and you're right, I love their sound, Thanks for sharing! :)