Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Day Is A New Day

What's going on?  I'm at my spot with Nik P. listening to his to-be-released EP.  It's on something real nice.  I think the vinyl sampling, bass-heavy drums production of AMFM compliment Nik P.'s low, rasp flow really well.  I mean on point.  Definitely take a glance at MYSPACE.COM/ECONOMICS206.    

But yeah, day 2 of this business.  Honestly I don't care about fashion as long as it looks good, is new, innovative, or improves a concept.  Regardless, design/technology is the main shit today. San Francisco just released news on plans to even better their already amazing public transportation in the near future.  Whether that's a good financial decision?, I do not know.  California being the of the most in-debt states (if the not the most in-debt), is transportation of more importance than education?  Fuck it.  This is concept is amazing and I am no activist.

It's called, Personal Rapid Transit by SkyTran.  Basically this is the same thing as any other monorail, except this project runs as a circuit of several individual cars hanging from their roofs and provide 2 person per vehicle seating, as opposed to a bus-like seating arrangement.  It's pretty gnarly.  These things can hit speeds nearing 100mph.  They are driven by magnetic forces.  As the New York Times pretty much said, this is some Jetson shit.  The designers for this project are doing a great job.  The cars cruise at efficient speeds, they follow closely together, the rails split throughout the whole city for more precise destinations, wifi ready, and so on.  These designers were on point.  God damn.  Moment of silence, please.  

Now, I also want to say something about new music today.  That new music is by artist Mike Posner.  Mike Posner is a 21-year-old musical mastermind out of a Detroit suburb called Southfield.  His music hosts an array of genres in my mind.  I've been listening to his "Matter of Time" mixtape hosted by Don Cannon & DJ Benzy for a minute now after a friend showed me both this and Big Sean's stuff.  I hear pop, hip hop, soul, r&b, etc, etc, ect.  He's does it all and straight kills it.  I think one of the coolest things about this dude too is that he's headed into his senior year at Duke University with a signed deal to Clive Davis's J Records.  Pretty sick.  He also has a collection of producers/musicians that he works with called The Braintrust.  They play with him live at his shows.  Anyway, hear for yourself.  "Drug Dealer Girl" is the cutty.  Check out myspace.com/mikeposner.  Enjoy.


Good day,

Reknir & The Due Opp. 


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