Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Elevator Sounds

Ink stains and post-it notes.. What's going on? Reknir here. It's been a day at the office for sure. I've been looking at this computer screen for like the past eight hours or some shit.

I have some bizniss to talk about. That being the new release of up-and-coming producer Grimeshine. The record, or beat tape as he calls it, is titled Like An Elevator. I was looking it over with Nik P last night and I have to say.. it's that new shit. Grimeshine is a 19 year old dude out of West Seattle in the 6. He combines the classic boom-bap drum, mpc sampling, New York-resembling sound with the easy going, melodic NW sound that Seattle has grown to love. Super clean. Definitely has a seat in the future of hip-hop while taking a trip back at the same time. It goes over real nice with the ears. In addition to his beats, the record features his own cut work too.

You can download a copy of Grimeshine's "Like An Elevator" for yourself @

My favorites include the title track, "Like An Elevator," "Freefall" and yes, "Chronic of Narnia." Leave a comment and let me know what songs you like best.

Also, be sure to check him out on the space @

Good Day,

Reknir & the Due Opp.

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